Spells...do They Work?

When I first discovered Wicca, I was looking for a religion close to the one that my Grandmother would've been into. She was 100% native american, but was denied her tribal card when she married outside her tribe. I researched native american religions but found very little information at the time, and the closest thing I found was Wicca. I studied, read, and talked to people about the religion. When I turned 19, I cast a spell with my boyfriend at the time so that we would conceive. We had been trying for two years and I hadn't gotten pregnant yet. The night we cast the spell, I got pregnant with my daughter. I will admit that I didn't know much about casting spells and this was my first one, I didn't realize that the spell continues on until it is canceled, thus I got pregnant 18 months later with  my son. My children were both conceived at about the same time and have their birthdays 23 months and two weeks apart. And when you consider the amount of intercourse we were having during that time, it's much more than a coincidence!
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Yes, Spells DO work. All it takes is the ability that everyone has within themselves to focus energy towards a desired outcome. If that outcome one desires is true and honest, and will not hurt or take anything away from others, then spells DO work.

I've been a follower of the "Ancient Ones" for numerous years. I converted from the Catholic faith almost 20 years ago. I have persued legal ordination and attained that goal some years ago as a High Priestess. I'm transgendered. Born male but live as a female as much as my career and family ties allow. But enough about that.

My point here is that EVERYONE casts spells. EVERYONE! Whether they know it or not, or recognize the activity, or can or can't accept it, EVERYONE casts spells.

Anytime a person focuses their energy into creating a specific desired outcome is casting a spell. Even during the Catholic Mass, the priest is, in fact, casting a spell when the bread and water is converted into the body and blood of Christ. Although there is much debate and also the abhorrence of Christianity at the "prospect" that this is true, it's FACT! All spells are is a focusing of energy. There are "items" that one may need to act as lenses which help to focus this energy, and that's helpful. But,,,,,, all one needs to cast a spell is the ability to focus thought energy, mental energy, and a true desire to make said occurrence happen.


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Actually wicca was taught to women by the moors..8000+ years ago, older than christianity.

I am convinced that spells do work, but I don't know if they work every time because the spirits that are invoked are not subject to the spellcaster.

how can you tell the EXACT date that you concieved. nobody can do that, the technology is not that accurate yet, within 10days is as close as is gets

that doesnt offer any proof. there is just no way to tell if it was that particular experience or one near it. unless you had sex once, on a single occasion, and not again for weeks/months after or before. and even ten it would be the obvious date matching rather than some sense of conception.

I totally agree with Warhammer and AC say. I believe Wicca is in fact, a reconstruction of the "Old Religions." But as with any reconstruction of something that was almost totally lost/destroyed with very little written down or surviving, we must research and experiment. It is quite possible if not likely, that we will never totally reconstruct this belief system. We can however, come darned close. <br />
<br />
Our own Book of Shadows can be considered a research journal. We experiment, keep what works and discard what doesn't. Some of us write our own rituals for the Sabbats. Some of us use rituals that have been "tried and true." Some of us modify existing rituals to suit our cause. It really doesn't matter. As one teacher in this faith taught me, "If it's in your heart and your intentions are true, then it can't be wrong."<br />
<br />
This path will never end. It's a constant learning experience with rewards and pitfalls along the way. In my opinion, the rewards are far greater. Even the pitfalls are things we can learn from.<br />
<br />
It matters not if we agree or disagree with those researchers, innovators, and exprimenters who try to reconstruct this path. What matters is they build the fr<x>amework and foundation through their research for us to fill out. We use what we have and progress from there.<br />
<br />

Sorry Skymore but that "wicca was invented in the 1950s" claim is GARBAGE. As garbage, it was started by a college professor named Ronald Hutton who made that claim initially in a book called Triumph of the Moon. In his more recent book , Druids, Witches and King Arthur, Hutton admits there is NO PROOF for that theory. <br />
Phil Heselton pointed out to Prof. Hutton that Gardner couldn't have started Wicca as he was thrown out of the first coven he was in, and there were many people who were in that group before Gardner who recalled his dismissal. Gardner then went off and started his own coven. <br />
As Phil noted, there is no way of knowing how much longer that coven was around before Gardner. Maybe it went back to the 1920s, maybe it went back to the 1890s, or even before. (Hutton now states he beleives it was started in the 1890s- but admits of the different theories about it, nobody has any solid proof, one way or the other.) Hutton also says now that the idea that Gardner came up with it himself in the 1950s is very unlikely.<br />
The problem is a LOT of people who never bothered to read Triumph of the Moon, but heard about it took it as some sort of Gospel. Initially it was people in Asatru - which of course dates to 1972 - who seemed to love to spread Huttons initial misinformation. <br />
There are aspects of Wicca which seem very ancient indeed. For example, modern Duotheistic Wicca looks a LOT like the Caananite religion before the Hebrews came along and co-opted it. 2,500 years ago the Caananites worshipped El and Ashera, a god and goddess. <br />
Wicca appears to be a reconstruction of an old pagan faith, however. There are almost no modern pagan paths that are not uncreconstructed. We still do not know what the actual tenants of Druidry were, and Asatru has been revised three major times since surfacing in 1972. The problem is that in the ancient past ,people often did not write down their religious thoughts. Remember in Europe only the preistly class were 100 percent literate and they were not apt (outside of Ireland) to write down Pagan thought. <br />
It seems as if witchcraft was a remnant of pagan faith. Note that up till the 1300s the church condemned witches for being "followers of Diana" and other "old pagan gods." <br />
There were claims about the nature of Witches sabbats, for example.<br />
Later on the church invented the modern "Devil" and suddenly claimed Witches were diabolists. <br />
It is possible indeed that some people practiced diabolism in the past which was actually patterned on pagan beliefs not knowing any better. And it is possible that either that survived, or it died out, but people in some rural areas remembered it and tried to reconstruct it as best as they could, most likely in the Victorian era.

there are concepts in wicca that are similar to those in Hinduism, so while the name is new, the principles were here a long time now!

Well you know what they say...:if you want to make God laugh,tell him your plans(or Goddes),anyway why don't you try with a witchcraft?Its oldest organised religion on the planet next to shamanism(except no sc<x>ripture,temple's and such),old about 40.000 years(so as shamanism-one comes from the other).while wicca is here about some 50 years or so.....go figure......

Wicca was invented in the 1950s, so your better off finding out the beliefs of her tribe.

Wicca was founded off the beliefs of Paganism and ancient practices that have evolved through centuries. It may not have been recognized as a religion until the 20th century, but it existed long before then.

Yeah, unless it's harmful, then every time you use it (suchas a fire) then works just once and goes out on it's own. But love spells (or other spells like you cast needs to be cancelled) my mother tought me this.

Ahh to be young, innocent and on that exciting discovery path! I totally agree with ladyfire1990, your pure heart and intentions served you well. But we all know that cosmic humor is not funny, and the Goddess and all of the others just love to mess with the lazy. Ineptness just ****** them off so beee careful.

Same thing for me, just add a line to your spell that says, when this work is through, spell come undone, Until I again, call on you.