The Path For Me

I remember going to church when I was little. Had to wear my sunday dress, stockings, and shoes. I actually loved church. I loved CCD. But still as much as I loved going to church and learning about my religion; I never felt in my heart that it was the path for me. I had begun reading on mythology and witches when I was only eight years old and I was fascinated by it all. My Grandmother told me I was a weirdo. My parents didn't pay much attention to it at first. They knew I had a wonderful imagination. It wasn't until I was around nine that I heard about Wicca and Witchcraft. My cousin was studying the craft, and me being the curious soul I am asked her to share her knowledge with me. She loaned me a book, and I couldn't keep my eyes off the pages. I was completely engrossed in the magic it sparked within me. My Father of course caught me with the book and took it from me. Telling me to not seek anything further, for if I did I would surely be on the road to Hell. Now my Father is a good guy. He's just stuck in his ways, and as his child I of course obeyed his wishes. But all the while I never let go of that magical feeling I felt. I would pretend to read fortunes with playing cards, dance in puddles during thunder storms and call the rain, talk to Gaia while I walked in the woods. Yes, this certainly was the path for me. And It wasn't until years after we moved from our little apartment in New York up to the Pocono's that I found out my Mother was also drawn to the Craft. In fact she was very deeply into it for a long time. I told her of my feelings and how drawn I was to it and she told me she felt I was meant for this path. So ever since I was about fifteen or sixteen I studied and devoted myself in my own way. And when I moved out with my fiance this past year I was finally free to practice however I wanted. I dedicated myself to this path for the rest of my life and I couldn't be happier. I learned that you can't believe what others believe. It's not good for the soul. You have to follow your heart and your souls calling. It's the only way to truly be happy with yourself. Blessed be and Happy Esbat everyone! 
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If Its Her Will For Me To Come Out Of The Closet openly As A Female Crossdresser
Than I Will Do So; But If Its Not Her Will Than I Won't Do So, But Has To Be Her Will
And Not My Will.

as a transgender myself i have always thought about joining up with an all females
wiccan group for a Goddess worshiping; but i'm so afraid of joining up, i wish i had a
female friend who is into wiccan and believe in the power of Mother Goddess. thanks:

i am 13 and on my way to converting to Wiccan, any advice or ideas to help me learn?

I just have a question...Do most wiccans believe there is a God?

no not god gods most wiccans pick a particular one to follow more adamantly then the others but we know the others are there they and the consorts
i follow isis

*hugs to both of you* Yeah I have found quite a few loving and supporting people and for that I am truly grateful. You both have a blessed evening!