It Made Me Stronger

Being raised christian, and then leaving the religion can be difficult. I was always guilty and afraid to be interested in things like magic, tarot cards, astrology, and Wicca/Paganism itself. Until middle school I didn't even know exactly what all that stuff was. But my heart wanted to know more. But my beliefs said no, my heart said why not?  Also understanding what it meant to believe in a Goddess as well as a God. I knew she was missing form my life. So I started looking into it. No evil spirits came after me either. Anyways, so far, being wiccan has been the best thing that's ever happened to me. I made true friends, learned things about myself, and admitted things too. It also helped me with some sexual issues that lingered in my life. Being bi, as a kid its very confusing. But my path helped me accept myself, which helped me accept my sexuality. Now I'm completely comfortable with my beliefs and feelings. 

Christianity never did anything for me. It made me feel afraid of myself. Afraid to learn new things because of the bible's rules or "god's laws." I understand it works for some people. But not for me. I try to be respectful of other people's religions and try to be understanding. Seeing as how I used to be one of them.  But for some odd reason, they can't do the same. They refuse to take off their blinders and see that we are all human beings who just have different ways of living. Different ways of connecting to the higher power and the cosmos and all that is around us. They think we are all suppose to have the same feelings, thoughts, beliefs, prayers, practices. What kind of world would this be if we were like that? 

The whole concept of witchcraft and Paganism/Wicca spoke to my spirit and I spoke back. I let it in, now the rest is history. I take pride in being a witch, being spiritual and learning new things about life and myself each and everyday. You could say it gave me new eyes. 

Evlana Evlana
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 2, 2011

I never bought in to the "top down" structure that most religions have in which there is some ob<x>jectively existing supreme being in which you either believe or not. Rther, I think dieties exist because people believe in them. A corrollary of that thinking is that different people can, and will, believe in different deities. None are right or wrong. What matters is what exists for you.

Couldn't have said it better myself.