Wicca Defined

Wicca -
(n) - Witchcraft , esp., benevolent, nature - oriented practices derived from pre-Christian religions
Wicca is also known as Pagan witchcraft , the Pagan religious movement .. It's adherents are referred to as wiccans
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2 Responses Nov 6, 2011

the definitiopn of Pagan is, "outsider." what's so bad about that?<br />
when Christendom was beginning the church had to find a way to, "gather the clans" so to speak. they worshipped the earth and her elements. the sun was revered. so.... that's where the tradition of the halo around christ and the saints originated.<br />
so, who were the "outsiders? the wiccan or the "new religion?"<br />

I've been fascinated by this religion? Lifestyle?