Finally Found The Training I Was Seeking.

My name is Gayle Ravenflyte, (my Majickal name,) and I am a long time practitioner of the Craft. I have been Wiccan for 13+ years. Mostly, I have been solitare with some experience with Covens and groups. As my profile states, I am transgendered, M to F, and perform my rituals enfemme. I have come to discover that practicing enfemme, my circles and rituals have much more power and energy than they do when not in women's clothing. Recently I have joined an order that caters to the GLBT practitioners of the Craft. It offers a study program that at the conclusion of which I will be legally ordained as a Wiccan High Priestess. It will be several years before my ordination.

I came to discover the power relationship I mentioned above between practicing as a woman as opposed to practicing as a male when I was asked by two friends who's units were called up to serve early in the Iraq war. They do not know about my being "trans." They did not know about my religion until I told them and they me what I could do to help protect them. I was approached by each person at seperate times. I explained that I might be able to create protective oils or talismans for them. I also explained that I could not make them "bullet proof" either. I went further to exp;ain that as long as it "was not thier time," and something did hgappen, the results should be "minimal."  They agreed and asked my help.

The first instance was during the summer. My plan was to create an oil of protection, so to speak for , I'll call her Shelly for privacy's sake. It took same research and time to locate the proper ingredients. Once all I needed were procured, I planned on a solitare ritual for the oil's construction. That also happened to be the night of the dark moon. I spent Saturday morning and afternoon preparing my deck outside for this ritual. In the evening, after it started to get dark, I prepared myself with cleansing and meditation and grounding excercises. I then went to work on applying my makeup and dressing.

Once I was ready, I proceeded outside and that's when something strange and wonderful happened. I heard, as I walked out, what sounded like canvas flapping in the wind. I only heard it twice. I immediately felt a "presence" behind me under the oak tree. I couldn't see anything there, but I FELT it there. It wasn't a manevolent presence, more of a curious presence. I was being watched. I felt no fear either. I went as far as facing this entity and inviting it into my circle. It did not accept my invitation. It stayed under the oak. I accepted that and went about casting circle and calling corners and invoking the Goddess and Lord. I went through this ritual and created theoil I needed for Shelly.

The oil I made has a base ingredient called oil of vetivert. You all know, this oil does not lend itself well to perfumes. It pretty much stinks. I added six other oils to the concoction, blessed it, prayed to the Lord and Lady that they lend their power to my spell and add their protection. I had completed what I set out to do. I went through the remaining steps of my ritual and at its completion, I took my offering from the Cakes and Ale to where I felt the entity to be. At that point, it was gone.

I gave the oil to Shelly and taught her how to use it. She did. Very "religiously" I might add. She's a Marine Corp Reservist. She came to me two weeks later and stated that not only were HER orders cancelled, but the orderes for her whole UNIT were cancelled. Now, I did not get all full of myself and think I was all that AND a bucket of chicken. I stayed open minded about it. OK, coincidence? Yeah! Probably. But maybe not? Ok, also a possibility, too. BUT.....

Several months later her unit was reactivated and she wanted more oil as she had used all of it. I complied and the same things happened as I stated before. Even that entity I felt came back. I gave her the oil and she came back to me a few weeks later and told me that HER orders were changed to where she, and only she, stayed in the States. The rest of her unit went to Iraq. Some of her fellow Marines were killed there. Coincidence? Welllll. I really can't make a judgement right now. Gets you to thinking though, right? Still I stayed objective.

The real catcher for me, the thing that convinced me most that this craft and the majick that can be manifested is, in fact, real, was when my friend Jim, (again the names have been changed to protect the innocent,) came to me scared to death because HIS unit was activated for service in Iraq. JIm is a Medic for a Special Forces A-Team. He's a "snake-eater." I tried something different this time. I came clean to him and he said, "Dave, I'll take any help I can get!!" I offered to make him a talisman, he accepted and asked if I can make five of them. One for each of his team members. I agreed.

These talismans are a small blue cotton bag containing seven herbs and a hand made sterling silver cresent moon and sewn together with silver thread tied ina 'Binding Knot." I hand made the silver icons representing the Goddess in her Maiden Form and prepared everything else for construction during an open ritual that the Coven I was a member of was holding at the time. Our Coven was lead by an ordained Druid minister. There were twenty-five witches that attended. Each one formed into a procession to infuse these talismans with their own protective energy.

The following week I gave all five of these talismans to Jim. He left for the war. I hadn't heard from him for over a year when one day he came back to the hospital we worked in. I didn't even get a chance to say "hello" to him when he grabbed me by the arm and told me that we HAD to talk. Here is his almost verbatum story: (He didn't know I made these things emfemme.)

"Dave! I don't know what you are or what you did! All I know is that they WORKED! We had to wear the bags you made in our boots. The regs wouldn't allow them to be on our dog tags. We were travelling in a HUMVee, hauling *** through downtown Bagdad when a roadside bomb went off. The vehicle was destroyed and we were all ejected from it. I had all the teeth blown out of the left side of my face from the concussion. As I was rolling around on the ground, spitting out blood and teeth, I was shot in the leg. I don't remember anything after that. Apparently, we were all rescued by friendly forces and I woke up in a hospital. All but one survived. We were all wounded. Only one man was killed. Dave, you know? He was the only man to leave his bag on his bunk that morning?"

That was whenI was totally concinvinced, and I have always believed in Wicca, but this was a revelation to me. I know it works! It was my epiphany and my Calling!

Well, that's my story. Have a great day! Gayle


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Amazing story! I believe that these things work. I've been doing this for only 2 1/2 months. Last fullmoon in Jan I cast the strongest spell I've ever had, it was all straight from my heart and I can feel the power, I was in tears but I wasn't really crying. It was Friday during the waxing moon. (Full moon was next day Jan 26th). Then I went to bed. The next day, I saw his car pulling into the lane on my right, he was coming from a grocery shopping mall. Then I kept driving, he got caught by a red light so I was all ahead. I got lost and was forced to a "right only" turn going south on the 5 freeway, I have to take the next exit to go back to the surface street, it took roughly half hour to get back in track and when I was about to turn left (as I was on the opposite direction), I saw his car again coming from a different direction and he stopped on red. My left arrow turned green (not u-turn) so I turned left, then, his light went green, when I completed my turn, I was right behind him. It was unbelievable, the timing was just incredible. First tme was big coincidence, but the second encounter was vast and huge even bigger coincidence. It was a manifestation that spells work. If I was a minute or even a second late or ahead from that spot I wouldn't have seen him.
Gayle, you have a gift. You have the power. I wish to learn more from you.

Truly amazing story! It's inspiring.

Truly amazing story! It's inspiring.

I believe your ENFEMME persona is vital for The Craft to work. The feminine energy pulls a deeper and more powerful magick. We are called WITCHES for a reason!

AC, thank you for the compliments.I will certainlypray to the Goddess on you behalf. Please let me know what I can do to help you along the path. Gayle