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I think my soul communicates its past life experiences through music. In this lifetime, if i hear a song i have a memory of a feeling or experience of, i am almost transformed to that moment in time, that feeling. I get this with a lot of 80's and 90's music, and so on. But i also experience this phonominom with older music, that i would not have had that emotional connection to in this life. In Wicca, their is the belief that when you die, your soul is in what they call summerland, a heaven if you will, complicating the experiences of that life, and what experience is needed to become pure energy again. And that can take up to 7 years, before being reborn i have noticed like a 7 year gap in like what age i must have been to feel that feeling with that music, and my new births. when i listen to 70's music, mostly black, i feel like im gliding and dancing, feels like im dressed in a jump suit type thing. and as well as with Motown, i have like a childhood pride of my culture, like if i was black. idk if im a flower child or not but, that just moves me beyond belief. I love jimmy Hendricks music, like that pride connection as if a role model. so i think all that is from one life before this one. I feel the same about swing, like im a young woman, experiencing the freedoms and contravention of that time. up to the adult connection with singers like Sinatra and those guys. i love the way Italians singing sounds. I also really love Celtic music, that could be from any number of years. but i have this really spooky connection with Mozart. I have used a ouji board and it answered that i was a female that worked with Mozart on his thats my experience with my soul and music...
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My friend you are still sailing in shallow waters.. if you really want to know and understand the mysticism around it.. then you have to leave your boat and dive deep into the sea of Yoga and meditation... and reach to the bed of ocean called spirituality... which is infinite… read your stories and realized that your practice of various healing therapies has actually opened a tiny hole to long dark tunnel... which is really mystic... filled with different joys and emotions and sorrows... when you feel connected…. You have the key but you are not able to find out the lock it fits into and open it to the next door… but you are liking it… and you will as this is a pre-level to the journey towards suprememe… it’s just that music is helping you synchronizing your inner self with this universe.. so if you really want to travel thru time and understand this mystery... just start doing Yoga / meditation / self hypnotism.... but remember it’s just not a day or month takes years to be there.. to reach to that level of supreme... when you are free from worldly things... calm and composed... capable of healing the pain of every living being (I did not say just HUMAN) go thru even by just your thoughts... it is the highest state of Chakra activation...<br />
May god bless you to succeed!

Wow yeah. I have had many signs that show me how great it can be. I have exprieneced quite a lot from the spiritual relms. But like u siad if I'm stuck here I can't find the way. Very good post ty

you are welcome friend... and you are not stuck... but it is just that you are not able to find out the lock which get open by the key you have.... as there are so many around... ok! do one thing today and tell me how did you felt doing it.... choose a room.. where you can have some (pin-drop would be the correct word) silence... make a little comfortable environment out there... choose a cushion on which you can sit for a little longer... spray some nice perfume which you like the most in that room... now put the cushion on ground and sit on that cushion comfortably.. turn the lights off so the there is a little darkness inside... now close your eyes... and try to feel comfortable relaxed... gelled with the environment and allow yourself to think of the happiest of your memories for next two minutes... and then slowly start empting your brain with every thought... make it neutral and thoughtless as much as possible... concentrating on your breath and go deeper in that state.... feeling absolutely nothing.... do not allow any thought to come in your mind and if you are able to achieve this even for some seconds... you would feel how supernatural it is… connecting with the supreme…. If you feel sleepy.. its ok! You can sleep and you will realize that this was one of the most rejuvenating sleep you ever had… and even if you are not able to achieve this state then you can keep trying till you reach there… as this is the first step taking you towards the supreme…. The creator…. Of this beautiful universe…!

I will, i have been needing to do chakra cleansings too, its hard when i get too tired to focus like that. ill take that advice and describe it , of course.