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Hey everyone,
Well i recently became very interested in wicca and their ways. I was born and raised as a christain but i didnt know what else what out there, until a few days ago. I began to ready some sites and i become attached but i dont know a lot and i would really apperciate if someone can give me some advice on where to start or even if you would like to be a teacher and help me grow in this religion together. Let me know, thanks:)
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1 Response May 10, 2012

Hello curiouscat. I have been a practicing Solitary Wiccan for about 5 years now. I also was born and raised a christian, but found my peace outside of that church. I think that everyone's journey into Wicca is different, but I will give you suggestions ba<x>sed on what I did. The first thing I did was go to the library, and found books on the subject. <br />
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A lady author named Silver Ravenwolf is who explained the basics to me, and guided me on my path, look for her books. Another decision you will have to make is what "branch" of Wicca you wanna be involved with. There are two types: Solitary whom worship and perform rituals by themselves, and Coven witches who seek out a group of fellow Wiccans to practice with. That choice is on you, and it depends on what feels right to you. I would suggest following your heart on these matters (sorry for being cheesy). If you have a specific God and/or Goddess you want to start working with, just do it. <br />
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Hope I've helped, if you have any other questions, either leave a comment on here or PM me. <br />
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Right now I wish I could say more I'm at a loss of words wanting to say so many thing but nothing comes out.