Out Of The Closet

Well I just came out of the closet and strong back into wicca.I have been in and out of wicca since I can remember as a kid I even did some devil worship of course I am a true witch as the god and satan can fight out there own battle since we all know that the god and satan are fighting a battle for probably 5,000 years or so now and they can fight there own battle,as being a true witch I call on the deity when doing magick I call on Diana a lot being she is queen of the witches.
I disagree with the god and I will never choose that path again.I heard something on the radio about the god,he is even worse than hitler to burn some for an eternity for not doing what he wants his puppets to do,to be honest I hope satan wins this battle as I have talked to him about this satan would be better for this world than the god.
Any way getting back on the path about wicca what kind of sucks I am trying to start from scratch as I love being a witch more that any thing and I wont turn my back on it again my fellow witches study hard being solitary or in a coven we can communicate through with in our selves lets love each other and do anything to first help each other other people comes second dont turn your back on the craft as we are special and we possess a gift more than anything else in the world lets talk to each other and help each other and you dont need to be physically in person.
Let me help you my fellow witches in a good website for supplies wiccanway.com check it out.
I am not perfect I have a dark side I dabble in black magic I need you guys help to break away from this element as I have cursed to of my most enemies and put them behind mirrors with black magic dont go down this path as it is hard to get out.
Well my fellow witches I ask you help my down the path of my lover wicca,and lets go before the alter or where you like and talk and band together lets love each other Bri "no magick name yet as it was Saron and that is what I named my son,he is the bad guy in lord of the rings"lol love all of you Bri
Bri68 Bri68
46-50, M
May 16, 2012