Help Me! :(

I'm in 7 grade I just change my religion and I told my close friend when I was in P.E and some of the girl heard me say I wasn't  >Christian that I was a Wiccan the ask me if I believe in "god" I said no I told them that I was a Wiccan they pick up rocks and throw it at me say I was going to hell the P.E. teacher didn't stop them and when my friends try to help me the throw rocks at them when P.E. end I went home and told my mom and dad that i'm a Wiccan now my dad said I can't change my religion until i'm 18 my mom said that she was going to burn me at the steaks because that what the do to witches (she was joking) I was so said and I never told my boyfriend i'm scare he well leave me should I tell him ?
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Hey Im a seventh grade Wiccan too. I haven't told anyone yet, and even if I did there's only one person I can tell. I'm scared of what people will think, so I pray and read as many books on Wicca as possible. I really respect how brave you were... I would never be able to be like that. Good luck and blessed be )O(

ahhh yes witches have been persecuted more that christians.<br />
I am 44 and spent my own life in hell being who I want to be instead of what others want.<br />
My parents went to that assembly of god church I was hit grounded and even thrown in jail for my beliefs.<br />
Yes,tell your boyfriend be proud of your new religion,you are special......people will need to take you as you are.Be what you want to be.

I agree.

thank you