In Need Of Some Info About Wicca

My daughters mom and her sister believe they were witches when me and her split up she said her and her sister had put spells on me to curse me she was wearing some sort of fox tail or something on her butt she said it was something to do with the spell. i laughed it off but since then i been having nothing but bad luck does any one know what kind of spell that may be? if so how can i remove the curse
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Looks like you need to visit New Orleans, sweetheart! Wanna go with me? We can get this settled now!

thanks every one i am going to try the pic and candle ones

Please do and let us know if it works

now when i burn the candle should i let it burn down the whole way and does it matter how big the candle is.
i think karma getting her back cause she been having tons of medical problems herself

you are welcome . . . best of luck my friend . . . if the negative energy still continues by showing itself in an obvious way . . . say within a couple weeks . . . then get back to me . . . but only if its more than what seems natural . . . we don't want to upset the balance . . .

sounds like a luck curse haha simplest answers seem to be the hardest to find.<br />
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they should know better placeing a hex on someone is VERY dangerous ... its pretty damned close to black magyck<br />
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do what maltesemermaid said or you can try these methodes:<br />
<br />
sprinkle salt outside your windows and all around your house saying "this curse you put upon me from it i am now free" 3 times pretty simple actually then you toss a handful of salt on yourself<br />
<br />
or <br />
<br />
burn a white candle with your name carved into it saying "burn this curse and set me free" three times too.<br />
<br />
three is the magyck number for almost every spell <br />
<br />
i know you will feel silly but the more you believe the more likely it will work<br />
<br />
you have to believe in what you are doing though at least a little bit or dont bother trying...<br />
<br />
good luck may the gods be with you so blessed be

use a picture of yourself with just completely you in it . . . no one else . . . full body picture . . . take a black sharpie and circle yourself completely . . . then draw a few arrows going away from you around the circle . . . as you are doing this keep in mind the reason why . . . store the picture in a safe place . . .

The simplest one I can think of is get a jar with a lid and find an old barn. take 3 nail from it. this part is a little weird but it works. at midnight urinate in the jar and bury it somewhere off your property. It will banish the curse from you. give it time to work, it could take a few day. if that doesn't work get back to me.