Merry Meet!

I just wanted to make my introduction into this group. I'm a shamanic wiccan, solitary, eclectic, and semi out of the broom closet. I have been in the craft for few years but am learning all the time. I am lucky that I was able to find a group of like minded people here where I live, and the Unitarian/Universalist church. I hate talking about myself so if you want to know then feel free to ask. I might even answer :)

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I do not know if you still read these, but I just read what you I am going to ask you about the Universal church. Seems like they are open. I too am searching for a local community that does not go into all the craziness that can occur when people equate Wicca with witch=casting spells and bad things. Ca you tell me about your experince with this church?

Sorry to sound like an ignorant wiccan 15 year old (which I am) but what is a universalist church?<br />
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...the funny thing is, you were talking about the rule of three, then I saw this post has been viewed 333 times...

Most definitely! I believe you get what you give, be that good or ill. I'm also a firm believer in Karma. Same concept as the rule of three and that of the bible.

Not at all. I am a good person with ethics and beliefs.