Introducing Myself....

Blessed be! New to all this and want to get to know people and study the religion. The more tips, help, advice and teaching I can get the better. I have a few books right now, but without being able to get out a lot I have to relay on things at home. I hope to talk to several of you and that you all have a great night. Better then here as everyone here is very sick (me for the past 6 weeks).

SyrinaWillows SyrinaWillows
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

<p>Merry Meet, Syrina. <br />
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I hope everyone gets over their sick and you all feel well by Midwinter's Night when the Sun begins to return. I am a High Priest and have been teaching Wicca for some decades now. (Its a religin, not a political agenda.) There is a Wiccan reading list of suggested books on-line at If there are any questions let me know.<br />
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From Rathdrum, ID, I would suggest looking on for the Pagan meetup in Spokane and attending Sal's Solstice/Yule gathering.<br />
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Blessed Be.</p>