What I'm I Seeing?

This has started since i was a baby, you know those little dots of colours you used to see in the dark just floating in the air. My friends say that they used to see them to, i remember when i was little staying up late at night playing with them with my hands reaching in the air to grade them but it stopped when i grew up.It came back when i turned 13 but differently now it's like millions of white spots on everything and i see it everywhere but one day when i went to a sleepover, Kathryn and i did the wigiy board on her bed and talked to a spirit. The glass kept going of to the side when i looked at the direction it was pointing to in the doorway i saw a group of the white dots all grouped up together as a shadow off a person. I asked the spirit "is there someone over there, is that way you've been trying to go there?", It's answered "yes". So i'm thinking it could be some kind of energy or something but if you know what this is or the same happened with you please tell me i really want to find out what this is!
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Well, I used to see them but not since I was 12, once when I was 8 I had ths feeling that one of them was my grandmother who died but when I told my mother that grandma was sorry and she missed her my mum was so angry she hit me and told me to "stop lying!" i haven't mentioned them since then. But when I developed my Earth affinity I started to see green bubbles in tree's and plants. I believe the they are spirits, and that maybe since you can see all different colors maybe your affinity is Spirit? I've never used an Ouija bored, but I hope this helps and Blessed Be.

Most people have 1 blind or "white" spot on each eye because there are no receptors where the optic nerve connects to the back of our eyes. We usually don't notice it because the other eye is seeing that place and we are used to not seeing that place. However, seeing several white spots on any kind of frequent basis might be some kind of eye malfunction problem. I would be somewhat worried if that was happening to me.

Most experienced practitioners avoid Ouija boards because they have no way to know who or what you might make contact with. Not everyone who died was smart. Not all spirits are benevolent. Some are malevolent and some are stupid. Ouija cannot sort them out. Be very careful.