Christian And Wiccan

I have always had my personal beleifs, recently i have come out of the broom closet so to say. I now stand firm like a rock with my beleifs.

I have always beleived in God my entire life. I also have always had the belief that there are more gods as well. My experience in the baptist church has always been very, intresting. As growing up i always had my beliefs shut down with scripture and teachings i had no knowledge of. However as i grew and began to study and understand. I now know how to explain my religion. Studying in the episcopal church after my baptist experience ive come to understand the trinity, father, son and holy spirit. I knew all there is about the father and son but as i looked into it, the holy spirit i believe plays a greater role. Of course god runs in all things but i ask myself what is God. And if he is the only god then how can i beleive in other gods? Then it dawned upon me, the holy or divine spirit in all things as i see it has made itself known to other people in the world as other gods. I believe these other gods are real and that people have actually experienced and can experience these gods. They are as real as the God of abraham. But then a scripture from my baptists days hits me." I am the truth and the life nobody can come to the father except through me." a sudden sence of shock runs through me as i ponder this. Then a revelation, i am trying to get to be with God. The devine spirit has made itself known to me as the God the father of jesus. Therefore i must go in christ, but the muslims, jews, and other religions dont beleive in christ, but they can still get to be with god. Because God is one with the holy ghost in all things they are the same substance. And that holy ghost makes itself into other gods. Each individual follows their god manifest just as i follow God the father. Suddenly i relize these other religions are not wrong and misguided as i was raised to think, but that they are all connected and that each person can be with that heavenly spirit because they find oneness with their god, the divine spirit made manifest. As the scriptures say "there is no god but God", they are all of the same divine spirit. Suddenly all the teachings of christ make more sence to me. The reason he was here was to open our minds to the love of God and to those who beleive in God the father he came for us to be cleansed, he lived teaching us to love others become accepting. He came for the ones who beleive in the father to revitalize our faith in him, the way the divine was made known to us! Not to tell us that all other religions are wrong. Thus my belief that the other gods must be true as well and although i will not worship them as my god commands i believe i can feel them, i can feel their presence because i know them to be true as well. I also beleive in magick, although people also other wiccans have thrown leviticus at us as well as other texts to diswade christian wiccans, my faith stands strong, i look to genesis chapter 1 verse 26 after the divine spirit "God" created us he gave us dominion over the earth and later in genesis dominion over angels and other holy things, this does not mean abuse them by anymeans we are to become one with nature, but it is a God given right to facilitate and call upon the holy spirit in the form it is presented unto you. This is worship to our father, while leviticus tells us not to i beleive and if you look into history this is true, leviticus as well as other law creating scripture was written during a time when isreal faced cultral swallow by the other religions, and the way the divine spirit wanted to be known to these people was by God the father and thus created the leviticus and other jewish law texts. Looking at christs time while even as he fed thousands and healed the blind with oils he told his deciples "even greater things than these shall you do". Thus this is a short synopsis of my beleif, i am proud to call myself wiccan and in a sence christian, i beleive in the mother goddess as well as the other gods and although the way the divine spirit made itself known to me to worship only God that is my choice. I believe i can conect to the other gods and practice magick, i do not beleive in converting people to my religion as my job is to spread the news of christ which is love. I do not beleive in christian dogma and even though we have different interpretations of the divine spirit we are all one and that nobody is anymore right than anyone else.

I ask you to please comment. I am sorry for my grammer issues nobodys perfect. I am still discovering what i believe, as we all are still learning, tell me what you like and dont like. I ask this be done respectfully and all comments are will be thought and meditated on. As i said i made this as a synopsis and there is alot more to it if you are willing to learn please message me and i will respond.
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And blessed be to all:)