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Hey, I'm Eternal. I recently made a site for wiccans who can't get books or to many tools. I'm looking for people to help me post as much info and resorces as I can on this site because It seems to be a pain to find a good site that doesn't ask you to go to there shop or something. (Even though I know there are some out there). So please message me or post here if you would be willing to help with the site which is worldwiccans.webs.com. Thanks. Know since this is suppose to be a story heres mine lol.

I got into Wicca about a year and a half ago. My friend was cerious about it and I soon became cerious too. Since I grew up in a non religous family I didn't have anything stoping me from going out and finding more about this new religion. I looked it up and went with everything I found just about. Soon my locker nabor said that his aunt was wiccan and that he could teach us. (My biggest mistake was beliving him) I didn't belive him at first but I soon gave in. He called my friend him and I the power of three and would say demons were coming to get us. (Now looking back I want to bash his head in for his stupity and then bash mine for my own. lol.)This continued for most of the school year, but the whole time nothing clicked in my head. Bolth my friend and him kept saying they were having visions and all kinds of crazy stuff but nothing ever worked for me and I was getting frustrated. So I said I was done. I threw my triquatra across my room and it stayed there for two or three months while I continued on. Then I got back into it this time on my own terms. I found solid information and good books. I found out that he had gotten most of his info from a site which was based of charmed. I relized what wicca really was and every day I find out more about it. I now am better at finding fact from fiction and am finding my own path.
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Merry Meet young lady,
I'm glad you are finding a path to the old ways of our ancestors. It was good that you didn't get harmed by the negative teachings of your school neighbor.

I have been a Wiccan elder and High Priest for several decades. There is a fairly good reading list on-line at http://www.oldways.org/readinglist.htm

If you need to ask any particular questions I'm here or at http://www.experienceproject.com/groups/Am-A-High-Priest/265555

May the Lord and Lady guide your path.

Thank you!