Needing Help With Some Things..

Merry meet,
I have been studying Wicca for about.. 7ish months now. My father, who is Wiccan
has helped me a lot on my studies, he lent me some books to look over and has been very suppourtive. My mom used to be VERY strict about it. She wouldn't even let me look at books about basic alchemy. Now, since her and her last husband separated, she has been much more open-minded, and now allows me to study whatever I feel like.
That's pretty much just an introduction about stuff, now i need to get to some real issues I'm having.

I have always, ALWAYS had anger problems. I have a tendency to hold grudges and never forgive people who have done wrong. And I have so much...hatred..towards some people..
I don't think i can help it..I've had so much..wrong done..
I don't want to be like this. It's not good to have so much negativity, I know. I also have problems with self-hatred, because I have done things I cannot forgive myself for. All this negative energy that surrounds me has made things hard. I feel as if the only thing im doing right is helping to take care of the planet. I want to hurt people, and myself.. I wish i didn't, but it's something I've been fighting for a long time. I want to forget all the bad things, and just love like I'm supposed to. I want to feel peaceful, and rested. I want to feel the love for all things. But some things....are just... not possible to love..

Can i get someone's view on this? Some help maybe? Thanks..
Blessed Be
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The Wiccan religion is very special I am part of the religion myself and love the study of earth magick

As with all things, it is easier said than done. Seek the root of your anger and come to terms with it. Understanding your relationship with the world is part of being a Witch. If I may assist you, feel free to contact me. Love and light on your path. Blessed Be.

Blessed Be. If you can not release your bad negativity, practicing Wicca would not ... blend! It's on the same level as The Law Of Attraction, sooo you want peace, love and beauty to enter you, your life.... find the way to let go of your pains! It can be done, I know this for a fact!! (hug) So mote it be!

I used to be like that, filled with anger, an I mostly hid it. I do allot of meditation for it everyday, hope this helps, and don't forget how lucky you are to be free to practice Wicca and even have your own fathers help. I must admit I'm jealous! Don't hesitate to ask for help!
Blessed Be.

Its time for you to begin doing positive affirmative magic to direct your life and feelings in positive directions. When you become a witch everything you say has power. When you write or say that you have anger, then you do. When you write or say that you have positive feelings like love and kindness, then you have those feelings. You can do magickal workings to affirm your positive feelings.

As for "forgive myself," forgiveness is a head trip from that other religion, not part of Wiccan philosophy. A Wiccan takes responsibility to make restitution for whatever harm we have done, and then moves on. We don't ask for nor do forgiveness. We correct wrong and restore the harmony of life.

May the Lord and Lady bring you peace and love.

Thanks! That was helpful in a lot of ways
Blessed Be