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I am thinking of becoming a Wiccan, I am currently a Christian. There's just so much stuff I am against that I am forced to believe in being Christian, such as that if a man is gay he is to be killed, I do not agree with that but am forced to believe it. A friend of mine just converted from Christian for Wiccan also. Im not saying I am going to convert but I'm definitely curious and want to learn more about Wiccan. I'm posting this anonymously so if you want to help then leave a comment and ill pm you. Thanks for your help if you decide to help.
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My advice would be to do some reading, or try, the pagan/wiccan sections of

I totally understand, I became wiccan after I was forced to be catholic but decided to fully convert when I told my grandma about a boy who'd recently come out as gay at our school and these boys beat him up and she said "demons got what they deserved". And thats basically when I snapped and completely rejected being Catholic. :) But it's the est choice I ever made, and I'm here if u need advice.
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I wasnt Christian but I've converted to Wicca and I love it. I'm learning the history and culture and the magic, it's very cool and interesting. If you think wicca is right for you then dont be afraid. And you dont have to convert, try it out if at anytime you want to quit its fine to