Very Scary Story

The Witch Burnings have not ended. Hate is eternal. Those who are intollerant are willing to do the most horrific acts.

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That is something scary although I wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't happening in the U.S I'm sure it already is and it makes things worse for people who are just coming into their powers.

The last Pagan murdered in the US was in New Mexico in 1988. A woman was married to a Mexican, who decided to have his brothers help him "Exorcise" the "Devil" out of her, and beat her to death when she refused to relent her beliefs.

That's horrible and they did that because she wouldn't give up her beliefs in paganism.

Exactly, 10

Just goes to show how close minded people can be *sigh* :( and people wonder why things are the way they are.

The day that mankind quits fighting, discriminating, and hating will be the day that the Earth is destroyed.

Haha I don't think it would be that simple at least now or then and (I might sound naive to you when I say this) to me I skill like to believe that through all the hate, destruction, discrimination, fighting, etc. that deep down there's still some kind of good in people and that all people deserve a second chance even if they did something horrible to us it may not seem like it's good to others it is but the day we all see the common good a good that we can all agree on that's the day the world would be in peace and no longer in pain.

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