In the "Broom Closet"...

I am a 30+ year old mother and wife, teacher and writer.  I am also just starting to think of myself as Wiccan.  I am in the process of writing a novel about a teenage girl who discovers witchcraft and Wicca and then has to figure out who she really is and where she belongs, etc.  In doing much research on the topic, I have found so many parts of it that fit with what I have always believed.  I grew up in a Unity church and my dad had a metaphysical bookstore, so I was surrounded by all the "new age" stuff at an early age.  As I got older, we started going to a Lutheran church instead, but I still read more metaphysical/new age type stuff like Richard Bach and did an entire term paper in college on Creating Our Own Miracles (in a Bible as Literature class).  I tried the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship group in college and listened to Christian rock for a while even.  Needless to say I was searching for what I truly believed in...

Then I got married and we have an almost 2 year old son now.  He knows how I was raised and what my parents believe, etc. and he's not a Bible thumper by any means, but I always thought he was more tolerant of other beliefs and religions.  We've been going to the Korean Presbyterian Church that he was raised in since we moved back to our hometown and I started thinking about going back to Unity and seeing what it's all about now.  When I mentioned it to him, he blew up first, then did some research of his own and basically the bottom line is that he doesn't agree with most of the major beliefs of Unity or the new age movement, including many that I do.  He doesn't feel comfortable with it and he doesn't want our son to be around it either.  I'm not sure what to do.  I said Unity because it's the closest thing to Wicca and what makes sense to me, yet still a "church".  But that's even out...

What do you do when you can't really be you even with the ones you love the most...?

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I am not an out of the broom closet Wiccan either. I am actually just a beginner myself. So I think it is brave you have already been honest with your husband. I am sure he is afraid most by stereotypes that can be portrayed of wicca. I would try to be patient but also gently remind him that you have encouraged his beliefs and attended his church. Ask he may be so understanding.

I hope this will help to open up a dialog with your husband<br />
<br />
when some one asks me about Wicca and what it means<br />
I always tell them our first rule is just the same as what Jesus said<br />
treat people as you want them to treat you.<br />
second just like Jesus <br />
do no evil.<br />
I also try to explain that God said "I created all things and I am in all things" as a Wicca I see the hand of the Goddess in all things and I praise her for it.<br />
when they ask why I praise the Goddess I say does not the bible say we are all created in the image of God there for I am woman my God is a woman too.<br />
<br />
by showing them that you are not that far from the bible either ****** them off more or helps to bring them around<br />
<br />
if you don't like the ones I gave you please find your own<br />
( I took a religions of the world class and this is what they all have in common)<br />
<br />
Blessed Be

That is a terrible place to be in, and I can understand where you come from.<br />
It's all up to you how to go about beleiving the way you do, but if you want to raise a child with that 'church feeling' and your spouse is against it, try a compramise.<br />
Some serious discussions are in order if you can't agree, especially about belief.<br />
After all, that's what most wars have been over.