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I have been into Wicca since as far back as i can remember. my mom never really approved, but it was my choice. i have been following the white guiding light and it has saved me time and again...


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HI I am a new Wiccan and I am trying to learn as much as I can. Can I ask you what you think are the most important things for a Wiccan to have in regards to an altar?

There our many different aspects of our Creator and many different ways to view our Creator. You see the light and I feel the Darkness around the light. LMAO…(is my butt getting smaller?)…DD

I think that it is your choice, and since you did what you thought was right, then there is nothing wrong in it. And I'm glad that you are following what you think is right for you! That's great!<br />
~A fellow Wiccan