Part of My Story

I just came into the Wiccan belief and practice recently and I am solitary
I have found no one else who believes quite like I do.
maybe it is because of my history
and lack of it

My grandmother (my mom's mom) was a story teller and historian and she is the only family history i have
(both parents are adopted )
I saw her as the keeper of the flame
the giver of knowledge
she taught me to explore for answers and to read but never take anything at face value there is always a story between the lines.

this is important to me because I believe that is part of why i am Wiccan

I have always thought outside of the norm
i went to a christian church / school and always got in trouble for asking and making inappropriate comments.
I could never understand why people would follow a man and worship him when he him self said don't worship me worship like me
I i also got into trouble a lot for pointing out that Jesus would be burn for witch craft in Salem and during the Inquisition. what almost got me thrown out in 2nd grad was when I ask if Jesus was a witch
I pointed out that he layed hands did spells and had a coven
I have always tried to study as much as i can on my own

Yes I was asking questions about Mary as well
I had a religions of the world teacher  that I just loved to listen to in college
on the first day of class he set a stack of drop slips on his desk and then proceeded to insult half the class in to leaving
he started by saying
Christ would never be a christian
he was Jewish
Christ was married to Mary

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interesting. I like what you have to say.

I am almost 60 years old and have followed the Old Ways most of my life as a solitary Wicca that is call to join anything except your connection with the natural world around youI have been invited and attended several coven gatherings at equinox celebrations..and again saw the same hypocracy I saw in organized religion...the so called leaders were not truely Wiccan at all they used these celebrations as excuses to have orgys and for personal gain.....besides to join in a coven means you have to follow someone elses interpretation of the True Path....Merry Meet and Merry Part and Merry Meet Again...may your path always rise to meet your feet so as to ease your journey.

If the truth about Mary Magdalene had been embraced by early Christians then the religion would not be such an offensive male dominated BS#&%$*? <br />
<br />
Instead at the 'Council of Nycea' the best parts of bible were thrown out and that included the female side of God and the woman’s role in Christianity. <br />
<br />
Christianity since the 'Council of Nycea' is guilty of extreme blaspheme.<br />
<br />
Ha! I wonder how long I would have lasted in your Christian church / school? <br />
<br />
I think we would have been friends librakitty05. I like your style...DD

That's kind of why I began to become a Wiccan. I could never accept the fact that a man could cause miracles and not be what the church would call evil. Questioning the conventional will sometimes get you into trouble, but in the end you'll begin to better understand. That's what I learned anyway!!