Just finished my alter set up at school let me know what you think :)
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Ok. If I were teaching a young witch I would make some comments. First I'm a little confused about the directions or elementals represented here. Incense usually represents air or east. A pentacle usually represents earth or north, and so do stones. A Chalice often represents water or west. This setup seems to show some confusion about directions and elementals.

We generally only use a black altar cloth during the dark times between Samhain and Yule. We use a cloth with a harvest print or color this time of year. Black is OK any time if it relates to your particular spell, but a harvest color is nice this time of year. [hint: fabric stores and even Wal Mart fabric section have seasonal prints for cheap during the fall and winter]

I like your Gold and white candles for God and Goddess. Nice touch. The small pillar candals need a dish underneath or they will melt wax all over your black cloth.

Also be careful putting things (chalice for example) behind short candals. Witch robes often have wide floppy sleaves that catch on fire when you reach over the candle to get the chalice. I've seen that too many times. My old robe has a patch on the right sleve from a candle fire.

when you get a chance try to find a couple of small pottery or china bowls for the water and salt. Those drinking glasses work, but will be less convenient in use than a small open bowl.

The one thing to remember is that your alter is your working table, not a piece of art. Ours gets rearranged every week and quite often also during a ritual. Its a working table. Every ritual and spell needs new stuff do don't be afraid to change it all around as needed.

A pretty good suggested reading list for Wiccan study is here: http://www.oldways.org/readinglist.htm

A pretty good list of Wiccan word definisitons is on line here: http://www.oldways.org/definitions.htm

Blessed Be

I'm well aware of the directions but at school I'm not aloud to burn anything, the black. Cloth is the only one I currently have, the small candles are battery run since we are aloud to use those, and I was doing more of a god and goddess side then directional elements. I've seen many many alters set up like this. If I were in a situAtion besides my college dorm it may be different but I'm very restricted on what I can and can't have and space.

Ok I understand about the dorm space. You also are short on storage space too no doubt. Remember about the danger of reaching over candles if you move to a better situation. Its something that too many people often only think about when their sleve catches on fire. The battery imitation candles are safe though.

Nice set up, you should check out "women's encyclopedia of myths and secrets" by Barbara G Walker it's a great book

I will thank you :)

She also has a book on feminist fairy tales. Very talented writer!

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Well where to start? I wanted to cast a spell for love. I did not have an alter but sat in a circle with four objects at N S. E and W me in the middle. I have so much to ask! Tell me about yourself and how you practice!!!!

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I have a slight passion for Wiccan philosophy, spells and history! It is so funny that your experience just popped up about 5 minutes after I thought of posting an experience! ( but didn't ! ) wow

Just curious,
What religion is that?

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