This is less of a story and more of a question. I continuously see dead animals wherever i go. Dead birds, gophers, geese, cats, and even a squirrel that fell out a tree and broke its back. I don't understand the meaning behind this nor the sign that I'm supposed to be seeing. Does anyone have any tips or advise.
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2 Responses Aug 29, 2014

I think you're just noticing them more than you did before. Or it could be that more are dying in your area do to thoughtless causes by man, pollution being one of then.

Interesting question. First you need to make an estimate if the number of dead animals is unusual for the location and time of year. For example if you do a lot of travel and see road kills, then it might be a normal amount of dead animals. In some areas an increasing population of wolves or natural seasonal conditions in your area may be the reason. It also may be that you've been going out to the woods a lot more this summer than at other times and consequently have seen more of nature.

When you encounter a dead animal, reach out with your senses to feel if the spirit of the creature has passed on to its Summerland or if it is still hanging around confused at a sudden death. If its still there render psychic assistance to help it pass over. Animals tend to be less confused than humans so most of them pass easily but not all.

You also may just have become more aware of dead creatures that were always there before but unnoticed. Wiccan training and practice increases our awareness of death among other things.

If it really is an unusual number of dead creatures you might take it as a sign that your help is needed with wild things of all kinds. May the Lord and Lady guide your path.