New Age?

Alot of people where I live aren't very accepting of the fact that I'm a Wiccan and some people pick on the few of us there are. See my school is kind of what you'd call narrow minded. There are about five of us in my school, counting me. One doesn't practice because her mother isn't accepting of it andI know the youngest of us is sometimes teased. For me I know some people are kind of afraid, some think it's a joke, but I take it very seriously. I mean my grandmother is Catholic and my father is a non practicing Catholic. However I was very lucky that my mother is accepting of whatever I want to be.

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Hmm, we'll have to do that. Thank you very much, but the problem is, no one around here actually HAS a garage. I know, kind of random. But, I appreciate it and I will talk to my circle mates about it.

Listen, It's very important that your mother is accepting your personal choices. And I understand that people can be narrow-minded, But that doesn't mean that you have to stand at their level. I do agree with LunarPanda, however. Get together in the garage or somewhere private. It's so easy to align yourself with a moon phase that can help you with the way others perceive you.<br />
Try the waxing moon phase to help increase your positive vibes. Use a cleansed and charges crystal as well.<br />
Good luck and Blessed Be.

It is great that your mother is supportive. But have you thought of doing some practical magic to help you and your group to be more accepted? Do some circle work to help improve the perception of all of you by others. Try to create a more harmoniuos vibe around you and your group. One of your goals should be to be in harmony with nature and the world around you, right? Wiccans don't deliberately antagonize others, they flow. Good luck. Merry met, WW.

So right. My mom accepts us, but if our dad found out... holy s*** we would be screwed....Lawl<br />
But that's alright, we have you! And yeah, those ****** in my sisters class need to or something. Lawl