What I Am and What I Am Not.

 To know me is to love me,,,I am everything that is good,,,,now before I could know what I am I had to know the bad,,,and deside what I am,,,All of the relegions have some truth,,,I have been called Wiccan,,,because I believe in the Earths majic,,, and I believe everything has a spirit,,,,  but being human is not all that I believe we can be,,,There is so much the eyes of humanity do not see,,,so I will not say I am just one relegion,,,your spirit lets you know what is real for each one of us,,,and that essents is very speical and makes all of us unique,,,love and light mary

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It is true To be really free one must go out of mind.

for that answer read revalation 11, my higher self takes care of answering all of the childrens needs and some wants as well, I am continucely praying for all the children to shine and be the Love and Light, there is a transfermation fixing to happen and so so many are not ready, All of humanity has to know what they are and what one's purpose is,,, you I noticed are part of a group called the indago children, what does that mean to you? Do you know your purpose, are you in touch with your higher self, God and the Mother show all of us the truth, but the truth is individuzised for a reason, because we are all different pieces of the whole. If you knew me you would know that it is no boast to be Mary Queen Omega, please read what happens to me and my beloved in revalation 11,,and tell me who in their right mind would even want to do my job. Well the point is no one can do my part except me,,,because we all are called and have are own story this one happens to be mine. I do not care if you believe in me or not, it changes nothing about what I am doing on this earth. I wish you would worry more about fixing your faults instead of hurting others, which you can not hurt me because I know whats wrong with me you have no idea, but it is you who need to do some introspection, go within and ask the great void the question you want to know. Love and Light Mary

I loved your story. I want to think that way, again. For a while, I lost my way in a maze of depression. I may still be lost, I don't know. I want to find my way back home again and be me.

That goes both ways sister,,,I learn from all of you,,,I am not perfect,,,but I am on a spirit path,,,and I am sure I,,,,like all of you will all get there soon,,,Thanks Shadow28,,,Love and Light make your heart take flight,,,soaring to great hieghts may we all see God/Goddess devine Love and Light,,,,Mary

That intriges me,,,not mean can really understand the deepth of being,,,thanks to both of you ,,,Love and Light Mary

When you look at religions, especially when you boil it down, there is more that is similiar than not. I often feel as if when reading things from a particular religion, I'm reading one chapter of a book that has more volumes to it than I could possibly imagine. I don't absorb the "dogma", I seek the truth and light. So I can understand all that you have said here.

you are so right it is the truth,