He Doesn't Understand

My father... hates me. My mother understands that I should follow my own path. She is very supportive of me being a Wiccan. She is not a Wiccan but she accepts me anyway. My father is a hard core roman catholic I wasn't even going to tell my father that I wasn't catholic. I don't even live with the guy. However I thought I could trust my sister that is 16 not to tell him.


She lives at moms and dads but shes a daddys girl I guess because she told him even know I told her not too then she laughed like she didn't do anything. I don't think ill be telling her anything again. The reason I didn't want him to know is because I didn't' want to hurt that side of the family. I love my aunts and uncles and my cousins. They are all catholic I just didn't want to hurt them.


I don't really care anymore about hurting my dad because hes not much of a dad to begin with. I just didn't want him to know so it wouldn't hurt him. Hes hurt me so many times I just don't feel it anymore. He was never proud of me and he looks at me like I'm just a big disappointment. I don't care a lot about him anymore because I've tried so hard to have a relationship with my father. Nothing is ever good enough for him. He doesn't say I love you anymore. He would say that all the time but now he won't even look my way.


I can't make him happy all I can do is make myself happy and that is what I'm doing. I proably won't see my cousins now and even if i do they won't look at me the same. I am mad at my sister a bit its cause I trusted her and she told him anyway. She said he has the right to know. I'm 19 he doesn't need to know my business. Oh and if my grandpa and grandma on my moms side find out they will disown me as their grandchild if that is even possible. my grandma on my dads side has cancer and that is the last thing I want is to hurt her.


But I guess my sister didn't think of that or maybe I didn't think that she would tell my fault for trusting her......Thats why i don't trust most people because My life is full of lies and disappointments. and false promises.

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Thank you your words are very true. A country founded on freedom should be free.

In a country and a society that claims to be founded on the principals of freedom, we fail at it don't we. What is worse is Catholics and Christians who say they hold the words of a peace maker who cried out that we should love each other would be so antagonistic against pepole different then them. I never remember a passage where Christ said "love your neighbor as yourself unless they are pagans." No but he did say "Those who are not against us are for us." and "Love others as i have loved you." <br />
To profess a belief and so blatantly disregard it is a terrible thing to do. I want to grab pepole by the shoulders and shake sense into them sometimes. <br />
<br />
It is a terrible thing when we must hold "To Be Silent" as not only a message that we should listen to everything around us, but that we must not let others know what we believe. <br />
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May Light of The Goddess Guide You and The Light of The God Protect you.

I feel your pain...I have come out to my Mother, but Im very scared about explaining my beliefs to my Father, he is such a Devout(half the time) Christian, and he doesnt live with us, but he loves me and things are getting tense between him, my mother and my sisters, and this will be like a blow to the face to him.<br />
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Thank you for sharing<br />
<br />
Blessed Be

Like you, I have been blessed to have a Mother who understands and accepts my personal beliefs. My Father, on the other hand, use to tease me and disrespect my beliefs almost on a daily basis. I have not seen or spoken to my father in 3 years. I don't have any ill will towards him, actually I feel sorry for him- because he is missing out on a lot. But we all have our own path to walk. Walk your with pride!

ya your right ... I shouldn't have.... I just thought I could trust her