I'll answer anything :)
sairaa sairaa
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Do you pee ur panties or bed wet?

Are your lips in your profile pic natural color..? O.o

No, I wish haha my natural color is reddish pink

Oh ok lol :3

Do you enjoy reading erotica? O_O


Would it be possible for me to send you one to get comments? I need someone to look over my erotica and tell me if I'm missing anything

Like edit it?

More like review it, is it good, or is it bad :/


Want me to message it, or write it here? Also, and this is very important, it has rape and anal, are you fine with that?

No, sorry lol

Then sorry to bother you xD My erotica have rape and anal :/

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Will you send me a nude


Okay :( it was worth a try

lol xD