It's The Ethical Thing To Do

I've made it into a sort of motto for myself. Never apologize for speaking your mind and always apologize when you're wrong.
It's a tough motto to stick to but I try hard.

There's nothing shameful about apologizing. In fact, it's the fair, ethical thing to do. I would expect it from others, so why should the standards be any less stringent for my own self?

A big personal benefit of apologizing when you're wrong is that it puts me into a much more receptive mindset. It gives me a chance to improve, to learn, instead of forcing me to blunder on with all sorts of illusions, clinging to them steadfastly despite objections. It keeps me grounded. We're all fallible. I feel no shame in admitting my fallibility - at least I'm honest about it.

In practice though, there are always barriers to apologizing. Social norms play a part. It's a blow to the ego (most people ARE egotistical to some extent). It doesn't feel good to admit you're wrong.
But in the long run, it's the best policy and I always strive to get rid of the momentary impulses of vanity and pride. Being honest has it's benefits.
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Yup, it's a bit of a social norm. Interfere in others' lives when you're bored. Make dark comments and lots of winks and nudges. Play family politics... I've been ignoring them for a while now. Trouble is, they don't want to give up. <br />
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I've been at sea for over 6 months...came back about a week ago. I was pretty happy. Then these idiots come from nowhere, ostensibly to "meet" me, and start throwing oh-so-subtle comments around. I almost wish I was back at sea...

I am assuming you are Indian..... extended family members in our society tend to interfere in our lives when they can't even handle their own. Just ignore them and eventually they will stop bothering you.

@clarkee<br />
Absolutely. I agree.

an apology can be such an effective bullshite protector. if everyone could admit when they were wrong then so many fights would be avoided. i hate people who wont apologize when they know they are wrong. but i agree a person doesnt need to apologize for an opinion that doesnt agree with what others think. then its always wise to ask why and maybe learn something.

Not immediate family. My mother used to but she's given up now. But I've got all sorts of busybody aunts and uncles and other relatives who do try to butt in and thereby irritate the hell out of me.

Does your family give you a hard time about not being religious. Mine have pretty much come to accept it.

"Immoral" is kind of a rebellion against religious morality. Going by most religions, I'm immoral to the last degree and the religious nuts around me don't miss a chance to remind me of that.<br />
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Such goes life.

I mostly agree..... and don't apologize for my opinion either..... I was wondering how come your name is immoral but you still prefer to do the moral thing.