Shrug If I Don't

I might be frank and straightforward. I always stand firm on my beliefs and principles. I am honest to say what I feel. I am a very transparent person especially if you read me through my stories. Sometimes such kind of behavior put me in troubles especially if I feel that a friend becomes somehow distant after an exchange of conversation. I give space and don't intrude until I feel that I have reach the boiling point  to break the silence.

I accept people as they are. We might clash if we have different points of view but it doesn't mean that I don't respect our friendship or you as a person. If  I have wronged you, either am conscious about it or not and can't  magnify your actions I can't  just simply let you go. If you had been a close friend, I would always try to reach out to know if I have hurt  you which prompted you to do such action against me. Perhaps, I need an explanation. But if you don't wanna give it and you just prefer to drift away, it's fine with me. I cannot force you to be my friend even if I wanted to.

I had a misunderstanding with a dear friend  a week ago though I really don't know what was the reason. I was baffled and confused but let some days ebb away to give us both space where we could be with ourselves to mull-over the situation. When I can't stand the iniquity of such silence, I ventured to ask and said sorry if I had  done something wrong. From there we understood each other more and the friendship stays. I was glad and happy that I exerted an extra mile to reach out.

Now, a friend here on EP removed me from the list for the second time. I asked about it the first time I was removed, got a vague answer then re-added me again. Now it's the second time...whew!...I don't know why. I was asking myself,  "what's wrong with this person?" I sent a PM as a way of saying thank you for the friendship and I was aware that I was removed for the second time. I don't need an explanation anymore. It's too much and I think it will only add a pich of salt to the gaping wound. I am willing to apologize if I have wronged but I can't think of anything. Hence, it's time to give up and move on. If that's the better way between us, so be it.

On the outside world, I either connect with my friends through phone or facebook and on EP I always interact with my friends through comments, whiteboard and PM's. If you are on my top list, I would wonder why did you remove me? But I guess, some people have such kind of preference. How vague it may seem, I do respect it. Shrug. I only thought that if we're close enough knowing some personal information between each other, we tend to hold the friendship in our hands. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I was the only one being sentimental. I don't know if there's something wrong with me. The last time I checked, I am still

Well, I don't expect some friends to treasure me like the way I treasure them. if you did it once I won't ask why on the second time. I thinks it's simply being redundant and true friendship nurtures but never ignores. It grows steadier through time without hypocrisy.
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I love mermaids and dolphins. I would never dete you!

Morgause I believe that friendship is a two-way traffic and a give and take relationship. It won't exist if the other person would just shut you out from his world more than once without any hint. It is so offending, isn't it?<br />
<br />
Oh Roxy,'re one of those I would bug to no end if you delete me from your circle until you can't help but to re-add me over and over again...Maybe we are really related, if you are a big shrimp or a lobster, I am a mermaid or a

This is a great post BF and you are inspirational and a true friend. Honest and treasured I'm sure we are blood

Well put. We are comfortable enough with our friends to express our thoughts on a subject, it is up to them to tell us if we offended them. Some people are not comfortable doing that. I for one would like to know specifically what I did wrong instead of getting shut out.

Thank you Intelligently. As I read through your words, I gather the intelligence and sensitivity that you have. If I lost one, I gained another and for me it's a great blessing.

That was beautifully expressed. "True friendship understands even in silence". So true.

It's when true friends hold hands. Friendship understands even in silence.

you can always count on me as a real friend...***smiles