Now I Am Willing

I never used to be willing to apologize, until I got saved a few years ago. Now, the Holy Spirit convicts me and I have to go apologize if I have wronged someone!

The latest experience was a few weeks ago-my lawn mower broke down and it was under warranty at the store I bought it at. I got my roommate to help me stick it in my car and I took it to the store. It was extremely hot, and I did not have air in my car,and I was just miserable that day. So I got there without my receipt (I could not find it anywhere!) and they looked at my mower and said that it could not breathe, and they had never seen that happen to a lawn mower before, and that they could not fix it. I said..."Well, since you can't fix it and it's still under warranty, then you have to give me another mower, right?" and they said "No, we don't sell that mower anymore!"

I was getting a bit irritated and then they told me that I had to take it down the road to the lawn mower supply store that closed in less than an hour, to get them to work on it....but I had to have my receipt. I had the mower worked on before at the store I had bought it at, and they had been able to just look up the receipt in their computer and do the work then. So I asked them to do that again. They went to the computer and asked me how I had paid for the mower, and I said with cash. They looked and looked, and I was starting to panic because I had to mow my yard that day, and the lawn mower supplier store was closing soon. The guy took a long time looking for my receipt on the computer, and then he said "Oh sorry-we can't find it because you paid cash for it......"

I looked at him and said "So what are you saying here? You can't give me a receipt so I can get my mower worked on, you can't give me another mower because you don't sell the mower I had bought anymore, and you can't give me my money back, and you can't fix my that what you're saying?"

"Yes, that's what I'm saying" he said.

I was hot and sweaty, and absolutely livid. I said..."So I'm screwed then, right?" and he said "Yes Ma'am, it looks like it"

I totally reacted in the flesh and I started going off on the poor guy, saying I was going to sue the store. I did not need to spend more money on a new mower-that was the third one I had bought in a year! I had not had good luck with lawn mowers at all!

So I started loudly going off, saying I was going to sue the store, etc. I ran out crying I was so mad at having to buy a new mower again and not being able to mow my yard that night on the only day of the week I could do it.

Naturally I felt bad when I got home, so I made 3 attempts to go back to the store and find the guy I had gone off on so I could apologize. But he was never there, and neither were any of the other people who had been there when I went on my rampage in the store. But on the third attempt to the store, the guy was finally there, and he saw me and tried to turn down another aisle real quick, but I ran up to him and said...."Hey-I just came in to apologize to you for how I went off on you in the store-I'm really sorry and feel bad....:(" I looked very wary of me, but said it was Ok.....I kept trying to say more, but it was pretty obvious that he was trying hard to get away from me as fast as he could. lol

I felt a lot better after apologizing though. :)
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that's why pencils have erasers ,,we all make mistakes ,,,I've been a Christian a while and that would have made me mad too,,Walmart you need your receipt for warranty repair work but if you don't make your own copy of the receipt when you need it the original is a piece of paper that says Walmart but nothing else ,,how come their name stays but not the needed info ?so I tell everyone to make copies of their receipt and most reply "its in the computer "are you willing to bet that service agreement you purchased on that ?

It takes courage to apologise, especially when you did something in reaction to someone else's wrong against you. I had a similar experience with a lawn mower. It broke down the same week I bought it, but because I did not keep the receipt, they would not replace it or help to repair it.