I'm Sorry

If I had a dollar for every time I've said that, I'd buy EP. Earlier on my life, I'm sorry was a way of trying to get someone off of my back. Today, I mean it. Along the way, I learned being sorry requires more than just lip service.

Words from my mouth, can cut like a knife. There are times when my mouth has a mind of its own. Once started, it can hardly be controlled. If not careful, I can make a big effing mess in a short period.

There is an art to a good apology. You have to mean it. When I hurt someone, I do my best to rectify the situation, immediately. Not only for them but me as well. I pocket my pride and I'm willing to set things straight.
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Very true. Easy words to say, but to mean it, is what truly matters most.

That is the key

You're not the only one apologizing this morning. I put one in a confession, I just hope he sees it. I am too chicken to send him a message, I am afraid he won't even bother to respond. I can't take that kind of rejection. I hate Mondays!

Awwww. Go ahead. Did you see my comment on your story?

No there are no comments on my story.


Ha - I guess I was confessing that I am a pain in the ***! I posted it this morning, at least it is morning here.

We're not that far apart.

Where are you if you don't mind me asking?

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