I Apologize

I would like to apologize to all people I may have offended on EP. I am sorry if you have been the target, or feel part of a group that has been the target of my venting. Yes, because that’s what it is. Me, taking MY anger out on others, which isn’t right. The thing is, there is something inside me that gets very angry at what I believe to be injustices. They may not even be injustices, but that something inside me that believes they are, which I have almost no control over, needs to vent its anger unfortunately. I have in the past because of this, attacked and offended people which have nothing to do with the root of this frustration and anger. I am sorry to those people and hope they can understand that we are all human and our emotions can make us do silly irrational things sometimes, as I’ve just proved to myself. And this may sound odd, but I say thank you to those of you that absorbed some of those rants and took them on the chin without coming back at me too hard . I’m learning to control this emotion now though, which means not venting on anyone that has nothing to do with my personal frustrations. And actually, these are things I don’t really get to vent in real life, so EP has helped me to do that. And now I feel better and can get on with trying to be a nicer person.

One more thing I must add. I’m aware I’ve attacked the US as a whole many times, thereby shoving everyone into one group. Most of us are guilty of that sort of thing at one or other point and it’s stupid. The honest truth is though, I think the majority of Americans are good people inside, so if there's a misconception there I'd like to clear that up. Once again, I apologize.

YBlah YBlah
Nov 29, 2012