The Trauma

The much debated and excited topic is marriage. Arranged marriages are very lucrative business. The groom gets a wife and dowry too. That is exactly what happened, to my neighbor.
Our distant relative visited us for getting their son married, looked at me and decided nope..then noticed my neighbor..she was fair and simple, not the rebellion like me. So, the wedding took place with much pomp and show. However, the husband didn't make love to her although one week had passed, he said it was better to build a relationship before having sex. making love was the idea.Strange..but okay. I smiled and waved, as they left for another city.
That night, my friend was told to dress up real nice and her husband got a very revealing dress. He took her to a hotel and told her to wait. he never returned , he had sold her to another man. He was all over her and finally raped her. She was drugged later and taken to another place. For a full week she was repeatedly raped by this man, and she was always kept blind folded and her hands were kept tied. When he would leave the room, a woman would open her hands and leave. It was a regular torture, she was mostly kept naked and tied to the bed legs were tied and hands too, the man devoured on her, and slowly she didn't resist. After, a week she was again drugged and left in the same hotel. After she regained her conscious, she was rescued and now she is totally lost it.
I am willing to apologize for introducing her to the man, but it wouldn't help . The police is searching for him..but no trace yet.
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thats a crazy thing to do and why would the hotel will not know who is the person that goes inside the room that hotel is also liable to what happen to this woman i hate men raping women thats why i believe death penalty should be imposed and kill the same day when the verdict is done,this kind of sick bastards are really a menace in the society we live and they dont need to stay in civil society because they are psychopathic kucid individual and with schezphrenic mind.

I know..its like human trafficking

even itd a human trafficking still the hotel&their staff is liable to what happen to this woman and thats really punishable in any law of the land or anywhere you would be,rapes is bad and pimping your wife or women is bad enough.