I Always Want To Mitigate Any Pain I Have Caused

I see nothing wrong with apologizing when I have wronged someone. If I was wrong then I was wrong. I don't want to ever hurt any one. When I hurt someone (wrong them) I feel the need to apologize to mitigate the pain. Nothing will undo a wrong, but at least I can minimize the pain that I may cause.
I have never understood people that find it hard to apologize. I guess it's because they are insecure and feel that admitting to being wrong makes them bad or stupid in some way. Being wrong makes you no less intelligent or any worse. We all make mistakes. When you consider the fact that each of us are different, that we think and feel differently, there is no way that any one can go through life without hurting someones feelings.
I will always try to make it better when I have offended someone.
lyricaldemise lyricaldemise
41-45, T
Jan 9, 2013