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I have no problems admitting when I am wrong and apologizing.  How can people get through life not doing this.  I think you would have a very hard time sustaining relationships over time.  Everyone makes mistakes and doesn’t live up to their own and others expectations at some point.  Here is my little story of a mistake I made this weekend.

My husband was wanting an Iphone all week.  He literally talked about it for 3 days straight.  I do recall him mentioning something about the price.  The price that stuck in my head was 200.  He says that he told me the total would be 400 and I am honestly sure that he did.  Unfortunately, when someone talks about the same topic for longer than a few hours and it isn’t all that fascinating to me and I zone.  I zone completely out and pretend to pay attention, but my mind is in some other far off lala land.  So we go to the store on Friday and we walk in and I go to the counter and tell them what I want and he says 400.  I proceed to say “Holy **** are you kidding?  Who pays 400 dollars for a phone?”  Now, yes I am embarrassing at times because I tend to say whatever comes to my mind.  The hubby then asks me if I want to pay 400 dollars for a phone.  I say no.  The key word here is “want”.  I take things literally and of course I don’t want to pay 400 for a phone, but I didn’t say that he couldn’t.  He proceeds to walk out of the store while I calm down and ask the guy some more questions as to why the sign says 200 and he says 400.  I am completely polite when I do this.  I would never yell at a salesman because of the price of an object.  He was laughing.  I go to the car and the hubby is silent and I already know that I have made a “boo boo” of this whole thing.  I ask him if he knew it was 400 and if he had already told me that.  He says yes and that he had only told me perhaps 10 times.  I plan to have him send me emails for such things in the future.  So I tell him I am sorry and that I was just shocked.  I try to convince him to turn around and go get the phone.  I feel soooooo bad and he is refusing to turn around.  I actually start badgering him to accept my apology and go back and get the phone.  It is driving him nutso.  Then I realize that I am being completely stupid about the whole thing and am very selfish.  I want him to accept my apology and tell me he isn’t mad at me for not listening to him all week.  I do what he wants and I drop it.  I don’t mention it again and the next day he goes to buy the little gizmo. 

See, I have no problem admitting I am wrong.  I need to work on the whole needing an immediate pat on the back afterwards though.

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Why should I apologize if I'm always right? <br />
<br />
hahaha<br />
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ok, so maybe I should apologize more. My problem is that even when I know I'm technically wrong and should apologize, I can always see my side of the story and I have this obsessive need to present it. Which of course gets in the way of the whole "I'm sorry" business. I do end up apologizing, but it usually comes after an explanation, which drives my wife crazy sometimes.

It's good to admit when you're wrong. It's all about accepting responsibility for your actions. It sounded like a bit of a communication breakdown and your husband did as mine would do and go sulk. LOL Men, can't live with ' know the rest. My husband stays so preoccupied with a terrible family issue we're going through for the past year that I don't expect him to process all I say. I do send e-mails to him and if I don't get a response, I just resend it and remind him I send an e-mail. Anyway, I'm glad he got his Iphone and you're both back on the right track! Usually, if I want something like that he's pretty good about going along with me. We both have a gadget fetish. Or I just go buy things I want on e-bay. "Oh Honey, you got another package!" Teehehe

Seeeee, this is my point Lilt. I can't be alone in the shock.

Holy ****. $400 for a phone!!!