I'll Take the Pain..

If that's what it takes for you to feel better, I'll break instead of you. I mean it.

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
31-35, F
6 Responses Mar 6, 2009

You are so loving and compassionate my dear friend. Your light shines brightly. For those in any kind of pain you are their beacon in their darkest hour. **Hugs**

Bend, learn, flow, pray, love who you are. Our Creator gave you a special, one of a kind, gift. Your life is special.<br />
I know you are in pain and I know you love more then I ever will, but take a deep breath. I want to love half as much as you do. You are my teacher and I need you. A lot of us need you. The answer is not for you to break but to somehow love as deeply as you do and still live knowing and feeling the pain of those you love. I NEED to know how you do it. Please don't break. Teach me how to love so much more...DD

We know you wouldn't expect it TRW but we would do it anyway. ((((hugs))))

I don't expect them to.

And you know your friends would do the same for you?

Sometimes the most strength is found in the yeilding.<br />
I feel for you here RW.<br />