There are so many "uncomfortable topics" that become very heated on EP. Some of the hot buttons I have noticed are religion, sexual orientation,environment, and politics.  I am glad someone created a group for us to come outside of the group and have an open adult forum.  Thanks!

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Okay? I don't understand how this is related. Please explain.

I can play 14 instruments and give me an hour on a new one and i will write a song. I do not believe the electric guitar is the best instrument. I believe the acoustic electric is, a good acoustic electric is the best of both worlds.

you forgot food,matey,now that's a universal language.I'm qickly embracing republicanism but don't wish to discuss it.sexsexsex,however-mmm mmm good.hope somone's getting the real thing.I just may again someday...

Remember, there are only three things worth talking about; Sex, Religion and Politics. Everything else is boring. When you discuss these issues, be ready to be challenged and be ready to defend your views and when necessary or obvious, change your views as a result of discussion and education. I used to be a Republican so I know people can change.


I get more out of reflecting maturely on opposing viewpoints,it feeds my rebel heart and helps me question my preconcieved notions.I'm still smarting from my first EP delete in a question forum yesterday.on a topic I have much personal experience fair!this site has been a healthy way for me to explore others perceptions of reality.getting out of my comfort zone is the best way for me to grow.<br />
Electric guitar?gimme a break...evil forces controll electrric guitars.gimme a steel drum and pair of 1200's anyday-though,yes,admittedly evil forces also often contoll those as well.


You forgot the hot button topic of which musical instrument is the best which of course is electric guitar.

Oh yes, you know who my hot button is. I will defend him til the end.

Fungirl a hot head, no not really.<br />
<br />
Rog, once someone gets it in their head and they just plow forward with it. regardless of whether it is right or wrong.

I have my hot buttons, especially right now. I get hot headed sometimes.

your welcome and i agre also. I am absolutely fascinated by some views they are so different then mine that it blows my mind. I also notice a lot of people who dont believe in god go make comments in a conversation about god. Likewise homophobic people making comments against homosexuals in hommsexual conversations. I think that is unfair and there should be some sort of common neutral ground for things to be discussed maturely.

I agree.