So Much Too Soon

Hi i'm 14 years old and like everyone in this world I have problems, but I have no solution. Well I am just going to start off and say I am not very good at telling stories, I've never been good at telling stories and never will be, but hey here goes nothing. About 5 years ago my family and I moved away from our hometown to a brand new town we never really new anything about, but we didn't just move for fun my mother had a fantastic job opportunity that required us to move to this place and what would be the biggest change of my life. Not long after we settled in this town my mom was working at her job, but a couple weeks in she slipped and fell at work. Now you might be thinking no big deal everybody falls. Well unfortunately it was a big deal because she fell on her back rather hard and due to her being a bit overweight back then she had to protruding disks in her lower back, which to fix requires surgery. Well obviously when you are injured you cannot work so therefor we could not make money, but since she fell at work she received workmans comp. Now once this happened I thought we hit rock bottom, but the universe never fails to prove me wrong. My family isn't what you would call a nice perfect normal American happy family or whatever they are a bunch of abusive, drug dealing, psycho, back stabbers. Well my god mother and my mothers ex best friend had come all the way back from our home town and stole our car. What a best friend eh? Well to me this was no big deal I could manage to walk and get the groceries and luckily we lived close to all these grocery stores and stuff then it would have been much worse.Well shortly after our car was stolen my mother applied for surgery, but they had said no and declined the surgery stating that her injuries were not that bad. This sent my mom into a depression and she almost lost hope. I am one who loves video games especially online video games so I saw a commercial for a game called wizard101 which has now gotten quite popular, but anyways I started to play this game and I met this girl. She was a very nice girl and we slowly got to know each other quite well. Fast forward two years we became super close and decided to take it a step further. We added each other on facebook and got to know each other way more than ever before I became to love this girl and she began to love me. Now back to the situation at home my mother had applied again for surgery, but again was denied and yet came another depression. This made her lose hope a lot more thinking she would never get surgery.Now back to the girl the most wonderful girl in the world about this time I wanted to visit her, but she lives about 1000 miles away and I could never get there with no family members to take me, No money for a plane or any kind of transportation at that matter, my mother with a nearly broken back, and everything had just fallen into place to where it was like I was made not to go. I have wanted to see her and still have not seen her since it's very hard to last one day without being able to go see her. I feel so useless and nobody wishes to help me. I would do anything just to see her once. My mother recently had her surgery finally after the third time her surgery was denied she applied for surgery a fourth time and was finally approved. I felt so happy that maybe there was a chance to go see this girl, but unfortunately the recovery is about a year and I cannot wait another whole year. I have waited five years to see this girl and she has been so patient to wait for me for five years. I feel so awful and feel like i'm holding her back from other things i have told her many times to just stop waiting for me, but she refuses and says she'll wait as long as it takes for me to go see her. All i want to do is see her, but i am only 14 and nobody wants to help me i feel so stuck and need help i have honestly no idea what to do.
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so your willing to do anything