If My Friends Only Knew

By the time I was 12 I had been dressed and trained by lesbians and spent 4 years in hiding while serving a man and his needs. This all ended when I caught him with a woman. I was devasted.
 I entered into a world of drugs and alcohol because I was a 13 year old closet girl who like how made her feel. I have always felt more comfortable around guys, I love women but more as sisters although I am putty in the hands of a dominant woman. It doesn't matter how I look my friends are hanging with Nanci, not the male me. 
 Although I have never worn a dress in front of them, I have been wearing panties cami's stockings,  women's jeans and top covered with something male. These were very special friends and we are not talking cotton undies here. i felt SO alive. every fibre of my body was tingling. Part of it was the fear of being found out, yet the biggest thrill to me was I was a girl on a date and this man could get me to do anything he wanted. This happens regularly, I have no wardrobe  but most days I'm Nanci when I'm out and about
Nancisnew Nancisnew
51-55, T
May 7, 2012