The Power

Just to let you know, my dreams are very vivid. Once I had a dream of a great war. My surroundings looked like something from the movie Tron Legacy (Though I had the dream before that movie came out). My master stood next to me with our army behind us, the other army approaching fast. They shot a huge ball of energy that arched into the sky and came for us. But with a wave of his hand my master constructed a shield, and the ball exploded on it. For some reason I knew I had these powers too and I went full throttle. I began to charge and my army was right behind me. We charged, and collided with great force. First I jumped into the air and came down with a punch that shock waved, knocking many soldiers down. Then they shot at me and I leaped again, waved my hand and constructed an energy barrier in front of me. The bullets bounced off, then the barrier disintegrated and I used it's energy to make a shock wave of energy that sliced through the army. Then I felt a surge of massive power, it surrounded me. I'm still in the air at this point, kind of floating. I get into a fetal position as the energy becomes a full sphere barrier around me. Then I quickly release, throwing my arms and legs out, leaning my head back and bending back a bit. The energy explodes from every inch of my body and consumes everything and everyone. And then, there is nothing but white. Then I wake up.
ShizenNoSeishin ShizenNoSeishin
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1 Response Jul 3, 2011

WOAHH! That was so cool!! *__* haha I have very vivid dreams too xD