The Most Amazing, Sexual, Sensual Experience of Our Lives


It was just last Sunday that we had our first e experience. I should start by being honest and mention that we, my boyfriend and I dabble in the swing lifestyle.  We were going to get together with a couple friend of ours, Ross & Christine. We had become great friends over the last few weeks and they asked us if we ever tried e.  Although we do smoke weed a couple times a week, we have never tried e....but have always been intrigued. Well, the plan was set and sunday they were going to come to our home and stay the night. We have a big beautiful home with a pool and very private backyard so we felt it would be the perfect place to have this experience and feel safe and comfortable. Ross & Christine really new what they were doing. They came with everything to make the experience everything it could be. We all took our pill at about 7:30pm then fired up the vaporizer and smoked a little weed. We all then sat outside by the pool to talk, chill, laugh and wait for the e to take effect. It hit me, Robert first, which was surprising because I was the biggest person there. I am 6'3" 205 pounds and in top physical shape. I and every one else was sure I would feel things last. Hit it me like a wave and all I could say was "whoa!" or something to that effect. Christine and Paula instantly started touching and massaging me and it was the most amazing feeling! Soon we were all back in the house. We had pushed our two large couches right up against each other then removed all the back cushions but added a bunch of throw pillows. It creates a king sized bed with backing all around. Paula and Christine call it the "couch cradle."  Lights were off except for candle light, the perfect music was playing and soon we were all naked in the Couch Cradle.  The touching was unbelievable and the kissing was like nothing I had ever felt. Christine kissed me and it felt as if sex was happening in my mouth. It was warm and wet and our mouths and tongues felt huge and amazing. When I finished kissing Christine, my gf Paula started to kiss her with the same passion and amazement. I did not experience the inability to get and stay hard.  Throughout the night there was kissing, touching caressing, oral sex and intercourse happening and it was all beyond description. It was more than sex it was an event.  The connection my gf and I made was phenomenal. We had long embraces, cuddling, talks and all kinds of sexual interactions with each other as well as with Christine.  We took a half pill bump a few hours later and the sensuality continued. We never wanted it to end.   By the next morning Ross & Christine were asleep in our bedroom and Paula and I were still in the living room. We felt fine. No hang over or bad feelings. Even today, 5 days later we feel it was the greatest sexual and sensual experience of our lives. We were already in love and very close, but we both agree that this experience has brought us closer and made us stronger and more connected as a couple. We loved it. We loved doing it with another couple and experiencing their touch and kisses as well as each others. We want to do it again in about a month or so, but our only dilemma is, how do we find other couples willing to try it or experienced in it. We definitely want our next experience to be with at least two others and maybe 4 others if we can find interested people.   It was simply beyond amazing.    
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Your story sounded so fun

I'm totally with you. My best sexual experience was on E. Still dreaming about it :)

I know exactly what you mean. I can relate to your experience. Check out my post. I live in VA and I cannot seem to find anyone with E around here. We are a professional couple and don't like partying at clubs or raves. We like being in a safe environment and, well, to be quite honest, we like doing it all night on E. So, its hard to find the stuff when you're not in with the crowd that dyes their hair purple and do not work. Good luck with your search.

I feel in the crowd ahahaha

You're so right! A beautiful, healing compound is MDMA.

wow you are soo lucky i have had similar experiance but with 2 girls and my self it went on for about 6 hours but i never orgasimed once was just amazinig am desprite to find some more E