Kylie I Am Trying Not To Be This Way Im Sorry

She is stunningly beautiful and an amazing person so every guy on the planet wants to be with her and they do nothing but come between our relationship... I get so frustrated and jealous I take it out on her and I dont mean to... Just they never stop.. Especially her phsyco ex who cant let go.. And this is not her fault I need to curb my anger and I know that.. She deserves the best.. I love her so much I just cant handle people that non stop try breaking up a happy couple... Anyways kylie im so sorry and I love you I should never take it out on you... :(
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You seem like a very understanding guy. Just to let you know, these guys are not going to stop contacting her unless she puts her foot down, or cares enough about the relationship that she changes her number. Jealousy is healthy in a relationship, but you need the right dosage.

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