We've Been Married For Nearly 3 Years.

My husband and I met in highschool. He moved into the area in the middle of the school year and I can't forget what it was like when I first saw him.

It was a Wednesday, and it was in the middle of my 3rd period English class, Junior year. The couselor brings in this long haired blonde guy that's tall with piercing blue eyes. His hair was curly and he was wearing urban camo pants and a t-shirt for a band I loved -- an underground band that you don't get the merch for unless you actually know who it is!

At the time, our class was having a debate on the pros and cons of Weapons of Mass Destruction, and he was placed in my group. I was told to take him to the library so he could research. He waited until we were in the most crowded section of the library to say "I don't really need to be here. I have a stack of information about how to build a nuclear warhead at home." Of course, every head turned towards him and I thought just then that this guy was just strange enough for me to love.

It was the last class of the day that decided things though. I was walking to my last class thinking about him. It was Band, and I knew for sure that this guy wouldn't be into playing anything less BadA** than electric guitar. But I walked in and there was only one person seated, right in the middle of the set. It was him, holding a Baritone, and I swear it was like the light was shining right on him and I just KNEW "He's mine. This one's for me. He's Perfect".

Two weeks later we started dating. He was a bad boy who read and memorized Shakespeare. A tough guy that made me a dozen origami roses and colored them red with markers. I learned so much about him. The teachers would call role, and would henstly call our names together. We were so inseperable that they knew that if one of us was there, the other one was too.

We moved in together a year after we graduated, while I went to college. We got married the day before he went to his Duty Station for the Army.

We have been through Hell together, and through it all, everyone always told us "You're just highschool sweethearts. These thigns never work out". I was so determined to prove them wrong. I KNEW, like I'd never known before, that we were too good of a match for each other to be apart. We had our problems, our infantile fights, our moments of immaturity, but we've grown up together. We know both the darkest and the brightest parts of each other's souls.

I'm not saying our marriage is perfect -- no marriage is. But we know each other well enough becasue of what we've been through that we are able to stay together. Everyone's doubted us from the beginning and honestly, that made me that much more determined that this would work. No matter what's happened, we've always come back to each other, and I can't see any better sign for what's "meant to be" than that.

Sometimes highschool sweethearts are just bittersweet memories, but every once in a while, soulmates meet at a tender age, and recognize in each other what they need to make it through.

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I can't remember what i met mine but i remember that i saw him everywhere in school and out. We was great friends even if we did had feelings for eachother. I know i liked him a lot but he just started dating my ex best friend nicole dees so i never made a move on him. We used to text eachother til midnight and morning. We will call. text. even be on fb to keep in touch with eachother. He always did had a thing for me but couldn't do anything because he seeing nicole. Well we been friends for the past 3 years. Around February after graduated from high school. I got back in touch with him after not keeping in touch in a long time but he asked me to be his gf around june 5 2013. I was unsure at first but I'm accept to be his gf. We still seeing eachother to this day.

Sweet. I miss my high school sweet heart. Good luck and God bless.