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I Will Survive

Whatever life throws at me, I know that I WILL SURVIVE. That's because I have been put to the test so many times already. I have survived huge tragedy and mindless violence, deaths of people closest to me, near-fatal accidents, physical and mental abuse, poverty and plenty, emigration, separation, and more. Just like many of you. But I have been fortunate to have loving family, loving friends and a God-given strength and stubborness, that I have come through it all, battered, bruised, broken but not beaten. I have developed strength and resilience, compassion and empathy, humour and gratitude, honour and obedience, faith and peace, hope and joy.

Hope you do too ...


CatchCabby CatchCabby 56-60, F 2 Responses May 15, 2010

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AMEN! And yes, the monster is on the loose!! :D <br />
There are some awesome, motivating, hugely wonderful songs out there! And poems, and stories, and all! Thank you all you fabulous women, for giving them to us! We love you. x@

ooo methinks I may have created yet another video posting monster! ( I am sooooooooooo loving it, though! ) This song is a universal, world wide theme of tenacity, will, determination and a "move outta my way, or you'll be run over'!" attitude. Perhaps the United Nations should consider it for a mascot theme as you enter their building! lol<br />
excellent post CC~ and yes, babes- we are indeed survivors. xxoo T~