Who Am I?

I get up at 5,
Get the children ready for school,
Prepare breakfast for the family,
Get myself ready and off to work.

I am professional,
Managing, soothing, motivating,
Meeting targets,
Moving companies forward.

I pick up the kids,
Make dinner,
Help with homework,
And clean up after dinner.

I cook, clean, 
Kiss boo-boos and wipe tears!
I hug, I scold,
I smother, I punish.

My bag is magic,
With supplies for every emergency,
Running noses, bloody elbows, 
Headaches, dirty hands..
There's something for everything.

Who am I?
I am WOMAN...
Hear me ROAR!
eternalhope eternalhope
41-45, F
1 Response Jul 21, 2010

Loved this! But you are also so much more .... X@