My Purpose In Life Jumped Off A Bridge.

My purpose in life was taking care of my fiance and giving him everything I could, but he committed suicide and now I'm here by myself with no point of living because my entire life was him.

I get up each day because I have to. I am still alive because its the "right" thing to do. I pretend to care about my life because that's what I'm supposed to do.

But its empty, lonely, and pointless now. I don't think anyone will ever love me the way he did, and I don't think I can ever get over him. Just looking at another guy makes me feel as if I'm cheating. I just want it to end. The obligation of being alive grates on my nerves each time I open my eyes in the morning.
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4 Responses Sep 28, 2010

I'm sorry you had to go through all that. I won't be like everyone else and say the same old line "it'll get better" or tell you someone, somewhere, has it worse. That's not what I do. I understand that there's a point of life where you just can't take anymore, no matter how much you try. If you still feel anything in hope that things will get better, though, I ask you stay and hold onto that. I'm here if you need a friend. If you honestly, without a doubt, think that if you were to die it'd be better than who's to stop you? It's your choice. I hope you make the one that;s right for you. Just remember, I'm always a message away c:

Okay now I'm thirteen and I haven't lost anyone in my life recently but I have suicidal thoughts I know no one cares about me I've planned my suicid but then I ran into this site maybe just maybe if some one could care about me then I might be able to live

There's always someone who cares. The question is whether or not you care hear their voice above the dark thoughts swirling about your head.

no one knows what happens when you hit eternity,but you should relish the time you had with him,,and if he could come back,and truly loved you,he would want you to be happy

I hope by now you have been able to change your mind about this.