What Is The Point

Im in my bathroom with a knife searching for the courage to either live or die. My children need me but i feel useless to them at this point. Why should i still live i cant help no one if i go insane or have a breakdown i wish i had someone who loved me and wanted to help me because its the right thing to do. I wish my mom would have taken me with her when she died then i wouldn't have children or a reason not to die. Honestly i dont know how long that reason will be good enough
champayne champayne
3 Responses May 16, 2012

Live your life...u deserve to be happy....go out....take ur childeen out and go ro eat an icecream...look at them...they are beautiful...u love them...they love you...they need mom....you need them....they are your strength...u are a good mom ..u r a good woman ans everything will go alright dear....xo

here if you want to talk<br />
i have ask the same question many times after my wife was killed and the only mother i loved took her own life then my scond love was killed by he ex<br />
but for me it came down to a promise i made a long time ago to never do it again or to try<br />
snd the grandparents i loved remind me of that after i came out of a coma it was the 3 rd thing they told me<br />
number 1 was my wife was killed the next day<br />
number 2 our mother had killed her self thing both her kids were dead number 3 my promise still held

hey, im new to this. and im only 14 years old. you know, life is hard. and it always will be. you just have to be strong. ive had over 30 suicide attemps since i was in 5th grade. im currently in 8th. i just want to say. alot of people love you. your kids need you. i look up to my mom more then anyone. shes my hero, my role model. your kids look up to you too. you just have to be strong and let them know you love them. maybe you need a break? send then to stay at one of your friends house and go to a sike ward. it may help you a little bit. but hon. i need my mom. yours needs you too. as i kid... i can say life is stressful. there is plenty of ups and downs. nobody wants to see you go. you have a reason to live. and thats your kids. you know what its like to be without your mom dont you? well imagine your kids without you. imagine what they will turn out like without you. imagine how they will feel without their mom. they will end up trying to committ suicide as well. put the knife down. im here for you. it may be weird for a 14 year old to give you advice...but im here.