I Just Want To Escape The Pain

Im 20 yr old gay male i haven't spoken to my family since 18 my mom didnt even come to my HS graduation im adopted i was by 3 different men once b4 i was adopted i was 6 after i was adopted by my adopted sis husband i was 12 the abuse lasted a yr and last when i was 17 last ive tried to overcome but every noise i hear at night makes me jump so i dnt slp my family hates me cuz im gay i cnt focus at wrk i hate my reflection im getting evicted from my apt life just keeps getting worse and i dnt understand what ive done to deserve such a ****** life so ive decided to end it this Friday ive done research on the best way to go and I've accepted it no ones going to miss me anyway.
misunderstood91 misunderstood91
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 22, 2012

you have a future.you have a future mate.your young,hang on and wait.sorry for pain.been there in many ways.you can over come,not 100% though.