I Am Leaving This World Soon

does anyone wanna come with me .
i will post up the exact time a few days before
i have made arrangements . i have booked hotel . and the days are getting near
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I m also depressed and in the same situation. Life fundamentally is meaningless.


Why a hotel?

I would like to go with u

Please,rethink this,you can talk to me, i have been through hell for the past 7 years, I am only 19. <3

Great, just what we ALL need, ANOTHER suicidal post €:-|

Please dont go, we all love you and want you to stay, life is gonna get better, seeing as you are only young youve probably not experienced a lot of stuff yet. Chances are you still have to hear the best joke, meet the best person, go to the best place. Just please dont go.

Please don't leave, Life is adventurous and exciting upon each new awakening dawn. Here's to sending you much needed Joy & eternal Peace. May the Sun shine brightly down upon you today, tomorrow and forever:-D Stay Happy.

Please don't leave, Life is adventurous and exciting upon each new awakening dawn. Here's to sending you much needed Joy & eternal Peace. May the Sun shine brightly down upon you today, tomorrow and forever:-D

Please dont. Life gets better. Life is all about seasons.

come to me sweetness we'll go together

Hi Idon't,<br />
<br />
Thank you for the comment on my story, The Day I Died Was The Best Day of My Life. Your comment led me to this post. I'd like to try and tell you what I think is the point of living. First of all, I am much older and that in and of itself doesn't mean ****, but in living longer it becomes much clearer that no matter what your situation is today, it is certain that tomorrow will bring change. I've written several stories that may help you and I would invite you to read them all. Especially, if you are truly questioning the meaning of life. Please feel free to read and comment on as many as you would like. They are here for YOU. You found my first story by no mistake. If you read the rest...That will be no mistake either.<br />
<br />
I believe as do the Toltec (a group of native American Indians) that before there was life there was no experience. The creator could not experience the beauty of a sunset for he was the sunset. The creator could not smell the beauty of a flower for he was the flower. Before life there was no experience. All that was the creator. (My idea of the creator is not an old man in a white robe, please understand that there is no judge out there waiting for you to die so he can pass judgment. The only judge that matters is the one in your head.) In order to experience creation the creator divided himself in half. In that moment duality was created. There was then a "here", a "there" and an "in between". Before that there was only oneness. One half of himself was exploded into billions upon billions of pieces of consciousness. That consciousness became life. Life then evolved. Our purpose is to experience and because you are unlike any other life that has ever lived, your experience is new and unique. It is through you that the Experiencer (the Quiet Observer, the Creator) experiences creation. Every new experience you have in essence creates the creator a new... A new facet, if you will.<br />
<br />
Think of the saddest movie you have ever seen. A movie that every time you see it you cry and yet somehow you see beauty in the movie, in the story. That is how it is for the Quiet Observer within you. The story can be a tragedy, a comedy or a love story. It does not matter to the Observer because it is all experience. It is all living. It is all beautiful. Life is Beautiful. Situations sometimes suck.

I'm glad my words had meaning to you. There are no mistakes. Everything is as it is supposed to be otherwise... It wouldn't be. In that the universe is perfection. You too are a part of thatt perfection.

I would invite you to read Eckhart Tolle's The Power Of Now. Tolle says, that the road to enlightenment is through suffering. He says when we suffer enough...When we have enough suffering, at the end of our rope, we are ready for change.

Tolle was depressed he was ready to take his life. He went to his medicine cabinet and took out pills, as he closed the door he looked at his reflection and said...."I hate myself". In that instant his life changed. He became aware. He awoke from the dream of the rational mind.

I wish you inner peace, love and happiness! (and I know it is yours already you just have to see it). Look at what you have not what is missing it will change what you see.


Wise Words, you must have been through a lot. Really gives me optimistic hope that even though things are bad now, it could hopefully mold me into a wise individual like yourself. Thanks man, helped a lot.