Ever since I was a little kid I had this fascination with drowning. My brothers taught me how to swim before I even turned two and being in the water brought me so much happiness. We had a pool in our backyard and I used to hold myself under water until I couldn't hold my breath any longer so I'd go up for air and do it again. There was never any harm in it and after a while my family came to view it as normal. I didn't even know what suicide was so how could I commit it. Then in the sixth grade I started to get bullied and one day I couldn't take it anymore so I waited until everyone was asleep and went outside with some rope and a couple weights. I tied them around my waist and jumped in. If my brother hadn't came outside I probably would have died. Sometimes I wish he hadn't jumped in after me.
LovelyMarie37 LovelyMarie37
Sep 9, 2012